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Progress might be slow, but God never hurries a child who is heading in the right direction.


Other Short Courses

These courses supplement our public and private classes and include access to sections of our manuals.

Relaxation and Stress Release and Pleasure
Ideal for couples, this is a non certificated soft flowing introductory massage releasing tension, inducing relaxation and pleasure. 

  • Learn simple, enjoyable and very relaxing massage techniques on your own partner or on voluntary models.
  • Take one day or two.
  • Receive a 45min massage from the instructor.
  • 4 hours personal tuition
  • Course Fee $200.00
  • Ideal for couples and those who want some practical massage skills without commitment to a longer course.

Personal tuition for suitably qualified therapists and each module includes a one month membership to our manual.

  1. Therapists Self Care Program
    A two hour module on movement and how to work as a therapist so that you move around the table with ease to avoid back aches and repetitive stress injuries. Learn elements of dance, yoga and self stress release.
    • Two hours and can be taken as 2 x 1 hour sessions
    • Fee $120.00

  2. Introduction to Energy Healing
    Working to balance chakras and energy flow
    • 2 hours continuous
    • Fee $120.00

  3. Relieving and managing osteo arthritis pain
    • Two hours continuous
    • Fee $120.00

  4. Relieving and managing period & menopausal pain
    • Two hours continuous
    • Fee $120.00

  5. Body Sculpting
    Simply put, this is moving the flab, and the creative use of body sculpting can:
    • Help someone into those jeans that are just to tight   
    • Lift and enhance the bust
    • Reduce cellulite
    • Fee, $60.00/hr and lessons are dependent on the availability of willing models.

  6. Hot Stone Massage
  7. Lomi Lomi Massage
  8. My Massage Business
To apply for any of the above, please contact us.

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