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Progress might be slow, but God never hurries a child who is heading in the right direction.



The end of time

Fact or fiction?
To decide this, let us first take a quick trip into history.

The highly accurate Mayan calender stops in 2012,  Nostradamus describes the end of time, the Christian Bible and words of other prophets all predict that we are about to undergo a great change which may terminate life on earth as we know it.

Such prophecies have been common throughout history and those dispossessed with insight have often stood up to proclaim the end of the world. Of course dramatic changes regularly take place, empires rise and fall, wars are fought and countless lives lost. 

As the end is not here yet, it cannot be a fact, however it is a possibility as many predictions do come true. Some technological predictions that came true include aircraft, space travel, telephones, computers, the internet, organ transplants, test tube babies, nanotechnology and much more, in fact, everything we use today was predicted before it became reality.

Human history occupies a brief time compared to the longevity of the earth and can only be traced back 2-3 million years. We progressed from being scavengers and hunter gatherers to farmers, then over the last 5,000 years we learned to live in larger communities. In the past 500 years we have experienced an industrial revolution with a huge increase in the human population. Mankind has stepped out and asserted global dominance but this has been done without respect toward other species and the earth itself.

Alongside this development there has been a great competition to claim possession or ownership of the world, its resources and people. With the colonisation by England and the growth of America, people suddenly had space and a relative freedom not seen for millennia. Within this old alliance of church and state, many prospered and we saw the rise of democracy and capitalism as a means of control. The media was a late entry into the race and today is a vital tool for population control.

Today the world is governed by a handful of people who control all the wealth and ultimately our fate. Education has given us some advantages, we have learned to see some of the truths before us, yet we are powerless to make much change. Despite the efforts of Greenpeace, Amnesty international, the Green Parties and other well meaning organisations, despite the warnings of the philosophers and scientists, the addiction to power by world leadership is destroying us.

One of the key elements of end of time prophesies is that "all will be revealed" and we live in a time where the truth of life and all knowledge is being revealed. Never have we been able to know so much about our past or our present, but despite having knowledge that we are destroying the earth (or shitting in our own nest), as individuals we are probably more confused than powerless.

For every warning, (nuclear, thalidomide etc) the administration produces scientific contrary opinions which are presented in the media, consequently the less well educated masses and those who's live run on emotion are not capable of taking affirmative action to remedy symptoms of degeneration.

The simple fact is that the activities of humanity are destroying our planetary home and 2012 is as good a year for it al to end as any.

As for prophesy, many of us have the ability to predict things before they occur, we all have some degree of 'esp' giving us knowledge of who is calling when the phone rings, or prompting us not to get on a boat or plane which sinks or crashes en-route to a destination. Astrologers and fortune tellers abound and many times they predict accurately, the Mayans with their advanced knowledge could well be right and Nostradamus and others? Who knows, but its a good time to reflect:

  • use your democratic vote for the common good which is the survival of our species
  • vote with how you spend your money so that you support sustainable business
  • work to create an independent sustainable lifestyle in co-operation with the like minded

John Pilger War on Democracy
2012 in 2012 in Books
Democracy Myths

©2015. This work is published under the following copyright: copyright

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